Poke the bear

So, as I discussed in an earlier entry, I stated that I tried to casually ask my dad ( which, was made immediately clear was a bad time) what he would think if I changed my name. Basically, he rolled his eyes and shook his head and proceed to turn me out. I tried to back pedal a few seconds later by stating “I mean not legally or anything… (awkward silence…) Just like, a nickname that has nothing to do with my real name?” Silence. At that point he was nt listening.

So, just now ( like 5 seconds ago) yielded the perfect opportunity to poke and prod while casually getting a gauge on what my dad thought about transgendered persons- because Bitch, I might be! I proceeded to makeup some heinous lie about how some bitch at Physical Therapy today was talking about “about how gross and disgusting it is that Bruce Jenner is apparently beginning to transition” And how she proceed to talk about how he “was sinning and going to hell!” ( for the record none said that because if they did I would have punched a bitch IN.THE.FACE!) He found my story funny and entertaining, slighty appealed that someone would say something that stupid out loud. So then, like a fox I went in for the kill. I mean, what do you think? Do you think thats gross?

His response ” It’s his choice.”

Me: (trying to poke and prod and see what my dad thinks about people who are Transgender using Bruce Jenner as an example) So, do you think that is gross or weird that he is doing that?

Dad: It’s his choice.


So if I were to come to you and be like, hey guess what I’m your son, not your daughter, you would say “It’s your choice” and still support me?

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